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With the falling of world-renowned Skincare and Cosmetics brand, 4VOO, there has been a huge gap to fill in the cosmetics industry for men. To keep all you men looking and feeling your very best, we’ve put together a comprehensive, end-all be-all list of every 4VOO product, accompanie by their best replacement suggestion of 

Below you’ll find all skincare and cosmetics product of 4VOO. Next to it you’ll find our suggestion for filling this void in your bathroom. We hope this will make life easier for you in regards to finding a replacement product for you favourite 4VOO skincare and cosmetics needs. 


In short, we recommend you check-out MMUK MAN COSMETICS for all your cosmetics requirements. MMUK MAN pioneered the make-up for men game since the very beginning. Their high-quality cosmetics products for men range is elaborate to say the least. And new products coming out regularly, so we advise you to stay in the loop and subscribe to the FREE Mencare e-Magazine and tick your interests on “cosmetics. We’ll then keep you posted on all things regarding make-up for men. 


Regarding the replacement of the high quality 4VOO skincare products for men: “Whenever 1 door closes, another one opens”.

You can say that we went from Silver to Gold with the transition from the silver 4VOO Uber TECH anti-aging products for men, to the golden, Ultra-effective Cellmen anti-aging products, for example the CellUltra Eye Serum-XT, Face Ultra and the UltraCell Intensive treatment for men

Feast your eyes on some of the finest quality skincare products from some of the finest brands in the world and find out which fantastic product you’ll see in your bathroom next! 

As always, enjoy your skincare ritual, put your best face forward and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via 

4VOO – Facial Balancing Cleanser

4VOO – Ultimate Shaving Cream

4VOO – Repairing After Shave Balm

4VOO – Balancing Skin Toner

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4VOO – Deep Exfoliation Scrub

4VOO – Energizing Mask

4VOO – Maximum Renewal Moisturiser

4VOO – Rejuvenating Under Eye Gel

4VOO – Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex

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4VOO – Uber TECH Under Eye Super Firm Complex

4VOO – Uber TECH Instant Face Lift Serum

4VOO – Uber TECH Intensive Multi-Peptide Copper Elixir

4VOO – Uber TECH Super-Restoring Night Formula

4VOO – Body Lotion

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4VOO – Super Silky Body Wash

4VOO – Confidence Corrector

4VOO – Silk Enriched Shine Reduction Powder

4VOO – Face & Body Bronzer (Coming soon)

4VOO – Tinted Shimmer

4VOO – Lip Maximising Serum

4VOO – Moisturising Lip Protector

4VOO – Lash and Brow Styling Glaze

4VOO – Enhancing Guyliner

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